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Fruity fix Splash

Gameplay involves connecting three lines of fruits with six different colored fruits yellow, red, blue, green and purple.

They can be linked horizontally, vertically& special bonuses are rewarded for connecting longer lines!

Tip #1: Create and Destroy – Methodically

Go for the matches that will give you the highest amount of points as often as you can. Matching four is better than three.

tip #2: Power Ups

The game offer power ups,you obtain these trough playing, In the shop you can buy power ups and use them right away to help get through a levels more quickly,

but it will be worth it in the end if you save them for when you're in a tough spot.

Tip #3 Lucky spin wheel

Wheel of Fortune is giving daily free spin chance. The wheel is lined with 8 boosters on plates and you have variety of winnings that will help you

to continue playing the game much much longer!


Fruits fix splash.apk 73 MB

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